Free your Ancestors – Release your Karmic Structures from Family

„Time to be free.
Time to remove the burden from those which care for you.
Time to live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.

The karmic familial bonds are released.

Today our inner conflicts from the past and future generations are cured.
Finally love may flow freely in the family.“

Agni Eickermann (founder of the seminar)

Duration: 5 days
Beginning: day 1 at 3 pm – Ending: day 5 at 6 pm
Schedule: day 2, 3, 4 from 10 am to 6 pm
Cost: 2.106,00€ (Tax included)
Teacher: Joshua Harald Tutzer,
Language: German and English


AncestorsToday easily and elated, we can release many burdens from our family and ancestors.
Every family has positive aspects and messages which are important for us.
They support us.

While we are open for it, we can realise and accept our family gifts.
At the same time we can escape from the burdens which drag us down.
The time is ripe to live happiness and joy.
Our guardian angels and teachers will assist us.

Why is important to free your ancestors?

„For thousand and thousand of years on incarnations we meat friends, families, enemies – all at one time incarnated as ancestors. A whole bunch of people we are caring on our shoulders which do not belong there any longer.
We are at the beginning of the golden Age – the Age which means be are free and bee can free those who abounded to us to our incarnation to our heritage to our family or all common place in haven.
So many people traveled together on paths close to our path. So many people shared there live with our live. In many lifetimes we meat and meat again and produced karmic structures, which are bondage in todays awakening freedom.
Anyway, it never has been so easy to get grit of this bondage to free the souls of those we love and even to free the souls of our enemy out of our connection.

It will be a more easy way to carry on the life propose for us and all those who are connected to us. It is an uplift of burden to the haven where had descended from. Its not longer on our shoulders, it is not longer in our family history as an anchor to incarnated and incarnated again this is same people. They choose to be free, the choose in which family to be incarnated in the future without the karmic bondage. They choose to set all those free lived and loved with us – time to do that, I`m happy to join this journey with you.“ Agni


1. Day

Our ancestors left traces in all bodies.
Time to erase them.

2. Day

-Ancestors effects on our system
-7 generations in the past
-7 generations in the future
From future generations we learn about our own future.

3. Day

Our astral body knows all beings which we will meet in this incarnation.
If we purge them from our prejudices (judgements) this informations will become useful (usable).

4. Day

Day to heal from the traces generated by our family bonds.
The daily objective is called emotional steadfast.

5. Day

Vitalization of relations with our teachers,
spiritual companions and guardian angels.